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Dr. Anurag Bajpai, MD

Dr. Anurag Bajpai, the visionary behind CLINI RESOURCE, boasts a dynamic 12-year journey in the pharmaceutical realm. With a focus on Pharmacovigilance, Clinical Research, Advising, and Training across various levels in medium and small-sized organizations, he has cultivated extensive expertise. This wealth of experience has honed his comprehensive understanding of global pharmacovigilance and the nuances of clinical development. 

Dr. Bajpai's impact extends beyond the boardroom, with numerous publications to his name in prestigious national and international scientific journals. His contributions, particularly in the domains of oncology and alcohol dependence, underscore his commitment to advancing knowledge and innovation in the field. 

Charil Sharma

Charil Sharma, an exceptional Pharmacovigilance professional wielding a PGDCRM and B. Pharmacy background, showcasing over a decade of profound expertise. Charil stands as a dynamic force in the field, embodying pillars of mastery, including Pharmacovigilance Excellence, Quality Assurance and Compliance, a knack for Dynamic Team Leadership, pioneering Innovative Training Approaches, and a steadfast dedication to Regulatory Adherence.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a modern approach, Charil Sharma emerges as a transformative leader, navigating the ever-evolving landscape of pharmacovigilance with finesse and vision.

Somya Chaaudhary

Somya Chaaudhary, the trailblazing Pharmacovigilance Scientist at CliniResource. Armed with a Master's in Pharmaceutics, Somya is not just a professional; she's a leader redefining the game. As a dynamic Project Manager and Pharmacovigilance Specialist, she orchestrates projects with finesse, contributing significantly to the evolution of drug safety practices.

Known for her prowess in communication and collaboration, Somya is the go-to person, connecting clients and colleagues seamlessly. Beyond her professional journey, Somya is on a mission - to make a lasting impact on healthcare outcomes and patient well-being.

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